Tai Chi Classes

Tai Chi is a form of exercise characterized by slow moving forms varying in sequence and postures, performed in a relaxed and conscious manner, creating vitality with calmness, release of accumulated stress and tension, balanced strength with flexibility, and controlled energy with awareness.

Traditionally, Tai Chi is considered a complete physical conditioner, a health and regenerative exercise, a way to longevity, a moving meditation, a self-defense art, and a philosophical way of life that brings harmony and balance through developed consciousness and awareness of one’s body, emotions, mind, and the spirit.

In today’s world, Tai Chi as an exercise offers something unique to almost everyone. As an exercise it demands no physical strength to begin with, therefore the weak as well as the strong, the young as well as the old, and men as well as women all have the opportunity to participate equally. The practice of Tai Chi eliminates certain limiting considerations, such as traveling to distant locations, availability of exercise space (3 square yards is more than sufficient), weather conditions, practice equipment and dress, and exorbitant fees for classes. These conditions provide for a very important factor of success to exist: the opportunity to practice “consistently.”

Tai Chi as a tool for development represents many dynamic uses and possibilities. Practiced daily, Tai Chi will facilitate good health and promote longevity. As a daily meditation it provides the opportunity to relax away stress and accumulated tension, revitalizing and nurturing. Also Tai Chi provides a training process in which self-discipline and perseverance are cultivated.


Private Classes

One-on-one instruction may include form correction, push-hands, and/or advanced work.

Classes taught by Lenzie Williams.

Please call (510) 655-0218 to schedule a private class.